Our philosophy is clearly customer- centered having as target always the better and more immediate service of the separate necessities of each customer. The name of our company is combined with the words initiative- innovation- credibility.

These three principles dominate us for 33 years now and is exactly this which classifies us to one of the leading positions among the companies which are in activity in the branch of fruits and vegetables.


The Trade Name Deliopoulos since 33 years belongs to the leading companies of the fruits and vegetables sector, being in the '70 seventies from the first companies which traded and distributed the kiwis in the Hellenic Market. In the '80 eighties taking in consideration the current necessities of the customers, was from the first enterprises which has changed the way of packing of its fruits and vegetables products from the wooden crates to plastic ones and within a few years was followed by the other companies. In the '90 nineties our company listened carefully to the continually increased necessities of the Hellenic as also of European Market for qualitative products and became the first Hellenic company in Northern Greece to have created its own packaging place in Turkey, aiming by this manner to keep the high level of quality and packaging, which distinguishes it on the products carrying the trade name of our company. In 21st century our company comes again by a Pan-Hellenic initiative, being the first and only company in the sector of fruits and vegetables applying a customer reward system.


The innovative methods we use and introduce in the sector of the trade but as also the distribution of fruits and vegetables results from our dedication for more complete services and information towards our customers. This starts from the information through sms (written messages) , it continues by the creation of the Del-Club and it is being completed by the gratis delivery of our products to our customers by the Deluxe Delivery Service. Any moment we are ready to correspond to any need of our customers, because in the company Deliopoulos we believe firmly that the most important piece of our company is YOU.


Our credibility is a matter which has been chiseled in the decades of our existence in the sector of fruits and vegetables trade and distribution and it is yet registered in the European region. Besides, for this reason the leading company in the Hellenic region on the production of colored peppers under the trade name "Thermokipia Dramas S.A." has trusted to us the exclusive wholesale of its products in the Central Market of Thessaloniki and in the wider area of Macedonia and the company AGRITEX Energy S.A. as one of its cooperators.

For our customers our credibility is translated to safety that in any moment they have a cooperator beside them who is willing and capable, even in the most difficult weather circumstances, through the network of suppliers who disposes, to cover any necessity which shall be created with the continual flow of products.

ISO 22000:2005